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We love success stories. If you have adopted from us, please consider sharing your success story with us.


Mani Healed My Heart

I lost my ragdoll Marshall in March of 2019. I missed him so much I decided to rescue another ragdoll. I was able to adopt a beautiful flame point ragdoll from Purebred Cat Rescue named Gunther in June. He looks very much what my dear Marshall looked like, but

Snuffy (formerly known as Spartacus)

We just wanted to let you know that Spartacus, who was renamed Snuffy by my 4 year old daughter when we were taking him home, is still the greatest cat we've ever had.  We adopted him from his foster home in Kenosha when he was 4, in 2008.  He

My Big Boy Bruno

I adopted Bruno, a lynx point Himalayan, this past August (2018). At the time I was living with my parents, preparing to move to Virginia. When it came time for us to move, just a week after adopting Bruno, my mom begged to keep him. Since then, every friend

Marten and Bee

I fell in love with Bee, then called Jane, on the SPCR website in fall 2014. She was a sweet 4 month old half-aby kitten, who loved to play but was so quiet and shy- when I went to pick her up, her foster mom warned me that she'd

My Rescues Are Now 10 Years Old!

My two little Siamese beauties were born this month ten years ago. I adopted them from SPCR in May of 2009 when they were 10 months of age, as seen in the first two pictures. They are sisters, so I named them Sasha and Malia. They are so loving

Patrick and Maya – Now Best Friends Forever!

I adopted Maya the munchkin last June- she made a perfect kitty and our bond became soo close. We were always very happy just us two- but the second I saw Patrick, another munchkin, on the website I knew he was meant to be with us. After what felt

Here’s Jack – My Halloween Friend

In August 2004, I was looking for a cat to rescue and came across an 9 month old "ragdoll" named Prince on SPCR.  When I went to meet him, he was extremely vocal and semi affectionate.  I was not sure about the noise he was making as I had

Our “sassy” Lucy

We adopted Lucy after our seal point Siamese, Malia, fought the unforgiving battle of renal failure.  I had never owned a Siamese cat before, but we had adopted our Malia from a local animal shelter and it was love at 1st sight. She was our little fur baby, very independent,

Calista….Now Affectionately Known as Khaleesi

Calista, now affectionately known as Khaleesi came to her furever home Monday, 22 May 2017 and is settling in splendidly.  She was very relaxed and calm on the 4 hour car ride home and came right out of her carrier as soon as we got home.  Khaleesi is a very

Lovely Little Purr Box

Sameira (Sammi) is a lovely addition to our home and best friends with Figaro.  I would guess she had been abused because she used to duck and hide if I swung my foot out (not aiming at her).  She is petite but doesn't know it.  I love her verbal


JUJU Though Juju looks angry 98% of the time, she is one of the most loving cats I have met. She loves taking naps in the sun. She has fit into our home marvelously and her energy always brings a smile to our faces!

A Bonded Pair, Almost Separated until Fate Intervened

The year 2015 was a terrible one for us. We lost our two beloved kitties, Teddie and Master P. Though we swore we would never again adopt, by December of 2015, we found ourselves perusing the Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue site.We found many lovely cats, but there was one pair, Christopher and Susie, who were 6 years and 4 years respectively, and they were a bonded. We watched the YouTube video, and we learned their story. We both knew that they would be difficult to place together. So, while we were on our Christmas vacation, visiting family, we submitted our application. We took a very long route home so we could pick them up and bring them home with us.


Frankie was found in Indiana as a stray.

The Legend of Jimmy the Himmy

Jimmy gained “legendary” status not only because of all he suffered to find his home, but because he had an amazing Purrsonality like no other!


Here we have the story of Binx (formerly Hampster), very much the “ugly duckling” of rescue.