I adopted Bruno, a lynx point Himalayan, this past August (2018). At the time I was living with my parents, preparing to move to Virginia. When it came time for us to move, just a week after adopting Bruno, my mom begged to keep him. Since then, every friend I have had over, even the self-proclaimed “not cat people”, absolutely adore this big guy! Even my feisty Lily (grey cat in the pictures), has fallen for him and gives him kisses every chance she gets. Even the vet is obsessed! All to say, Bruno is such a special guy. He quickly finds his way to any open lap and lets you hold him like a baby. For a seven-year-old cat, he is a playful guy! Bruno and Lily make the perfect pair and bring so much joy into my life. I feel so lucky every day that Bruno found his way into our lives.

Since his adoption, Bruno has lost two pounds, two more and the vet says he will be “perfect”!  He has discovered the true joys of treat puzzles (though he is more of a brute force kinda guy than an intellectual).  Bruno has claimed his own chair in the living room and more than his fair share of the bed.  And he loves playing with his sister Lily every chance he gets.