Choosing the Right Breed

Please remember, these are general breed personality guidelines; temperament varies greatly from cat to cat.

Long or Short Hair?

Long-haired cats need more grooming than breeds with short or medium length hair. The hair of certain breeds, especially the Persian and Himalayan, mats quickly if they are not brushed regularly. Short-haired cats need grooming too, but much less frequently than long-haired ones.

High or Low Energy?

Cats that generally have quiet, calm personalities include the American Shorthair, Himalayan, Persian, and Exotic Shorthair. See the reference pages on cat breeds for overviews of their personality traits.

Cats and Kids: Choosing a Kid-Friendly Cat

If you have children less than eight years old, it is best to select a cat over six months old. Since the temperament of an adult cat is already established, you can more reliably identify a cat with a calm and tolerant personality. Look for a cat that moves towards people rather than away; one that enjoys being held in all sorts of positions. Certain breeds such as the American Shorthair, Birman and Maine Coon tend to have relatively laid back temperaments.