Kitten Mills

Many people are familiar with the photos of dogs locked up in filthy pens in terrible conditions that result from “puppy milling.” What a lot of people don’t realize is that cats can be victims of this “crime of greed” as well. The photos on this webpage came from a raid on a kitten mill in a southern state. The Persians and Himalayans were found running loose in pens on someone’s property. Their health conditions were atrocious.

In the Midwest, we don’t see outdoor abuse like this, but we do see the results of indoor kitten mills. Many cats (most of them Persians/Himalayans but occasionally other breeds) land on our doorstep regularly from animal control raids of unscrupulous breeders. Most of the breeder cats’ coats have been destroyed and their bodies are infected with ringworm and other fungal diseases. Also common are painful dental issues, infected or ruptured eyes, and claws grown into the paw pads. The vet expenses for cats like these often runs into the thousands.

It’s quite possible that the cute little Persian kitten you see at your local pet store came from this type of environment. Reputable breeders who care about their animals would never place their youngsters in a store environment. Please be VERY CAREFUL where your companion cats come from.

Please do not buy kittens from pet stores!