Alexis (right) is a sealpoint ragdoll who is very lucky to be alive. She escaped death twice. The first time she was picked up by animal control as a stray in Milwaukee and then safely transferred to us. The second time she was wearing a microchip that saved her from a Chicago shelter when her neglectful adopter left her there instead of bringing her back to us.

Fortunately, Alexis was carrying one of our microchips under her skin. The shelter scanned her microchip and called SPCR immediately. We took her back in and she now lives in a caring home where she is receiving proper care. Thanks solely to the microchip, we were able to get Alexis back and she was able to live.

We put these microchips in all of our cats just in case situations like this one arise. Our rescue’s name is registered to each cat so that we can be there for our felines if they need help. The microchips are tiny, rice-sized pieces with a unique code. When a shelter scans a cat with a microchip, its chances of survival and returning to its home are much greater.

Microchips are registered with the manufacturer or with a free registry.  Many of these registries participate with the AAHA microchip registry lookup tool which allows owners, shelters, vets or people who find pets to search for the existence of a chip registration.  You must still contact the microchip registry to obtain the owner information or have the registry contact the owner of a lost pet.

AAHA Microchip Lookup