The Siamese/Oriental breeds encompass a wide variety of looks; from the traditional (or “apple headed”) Siamese to the modern (or “wedge headed”) Siamese. Hundreds of Siamese cats pass through our rescue every year, as they are quite abundant due to their popularity with breeders and families. They vary vastly in looks and personality so there is usually something for everyone!

Typically, Siamese and Orientals are very faithful, sensitive, sweet-natured cats that are energetic, interactive and intelligent. When young, they are “high octane” kittens that tend to get into everything and fly around the house like small bats. They may or may not maintain that activity level as adults but will always enjoying climbing a tall cat tree. A small portion of Siamese are very talkative, while the rest range from slightly chatty to almost silent. They bond closely to their owners and typically are bereft and depressed when abandoned. The slimmer the breed the more sensitive and high strung they tend to be, so a “wedge head” Siamese may have a different nature than an “apple head”.

Grooming and Care Needs
Good quality food and regular light combing is enough to keep these cats in top form. They are easy to maintain.

Health Issues
In general, these are very healthy breeds and it is not unusual for them to live 20+ years. Some do develop dental issues.

Best Homes
Folks looking for active, intense companions will enjoy these breeds. They are not usually aloof; they prefer to be right where you are. Males are typically great with kids.