Foster Angels2019-05-22T21:55:43-05:00

Would you like to help out the foster moms and dads directly? Do you want to get involved? We have a program with foster homes, where you would be their “SPCR Foster Angel“. You would communicate with the foster directly and help them out with specific supplies they needed or something on their wish lists. We have fosters who currently have Persians, Himalayans, Siamese and kittens. Other fosters have long term fosters, who have needed long term care and socialization. The specialized food bills mount up. SPCR takes care of the vet bills, but the litter, food, and anything else comes from the foster.

For more information, please review the FAQs or contact Kathy Mangan. Thank you for your concern and help.

How do I apply?2017-04-02T14:22:41-05:00

We would do a phone interview and discover your interests and how you would like to help. We would match you up to one of the fosters who needs your help and matches with your personality.

What you would get from this?2017-04-02T14:20:24-05:00

The satisfaction of helping a creature in need and the foster mom will give you an email update periodically along with sending pictures of kitties as they wait to get ready for their fur-ever home. We have some SPCR Angels who have become close personal friends of their fosters. They share the good times and the times that are sad.

Which fosters would I help?2017-04-02T14:19:17-05:00

We currently have new fosters and fosters with kittens on a waiting list.

How long?2017-04-02T14:18:19-05:00

One donation or as long as you wish.

How would these supplies get to the foster home?2017-04-02T14:17:40-05:00

Chewy, Amazon or any online pet food store would drop ship it to the foster’s home. We currently have a relationship with Chewy where if you would be a NEW customer to Chewy, if you enter in your first order from our website link, we will get a one-time $20.00 donation to our rescue.

How much would you need to help with?2017-04-02T14:14:44-05:00

What ever you wish to supply. Litter, paper towels, cat food, toys, nice towels, cat beds. We would like them to be material supplies.

Tails from a Foster Home & SPCR Foster Angels:

I just looked at all the beautiful cats on the website. Gorgeous. Do you realize how much love and TLC has been given to these beautiful creatures to get them ready for their fur-ever homes? The SPCR fosters do a phenomenal job taking care of their foster cats.

Some months ago, I pulled a seemingly healthy, angry cat, Sammie, from the local shelter that was so angry the experienced vet staff couldn’t do a final exam. I brought Sammie home and placed him in a condo. On that Monday night, I gave him benign neglect, clean litter box, dry food, cool fresh water and said goodnight. He started to allow me to touch him and pet him on that Wednesday. Thursday night, I came home and he was sick. I took him to the vet on Friday morning and they gave him cerenia and said he had some sort of gastrointestinal disorder.

Saturday morning he was almost gone. In a panicked state I contacted another foster mom and she drove two hours round trip to my house so that we could give him fluids, That wasn’t enough  and off she went with Sammie  to the last open vet on a Saturday morning more than an hour’s drive away for more diagnostics. Sammie had pancreatitis. On Monday,  we gave him more fluids with the help from another foster mom, some TLC, and syringed liquid food supplement and he was a different cat. He is in his forever home with a poodle brother and his new parents love him.

Over 14 years, I have volunteered for 2 other rescues, a regular all kinds of cats rescue, and a rescue specializing in feral cats. I came to SPCR three years ago, and this is a RESCUE. Besides the beautiful cats, we take the difficult cats, the ill cats, the misunderstood cats and the cats stuck with too many other cats. These cats do not have the stamina that Joe-Cat on the street has. This is a Special Rescue.

For me, I have the perfect Foster Mom to be an Angel to. I felt blessed to find Nai and Chai to adopt… and then becoming an Angel to Sue and her fostering efforts has been very rewarding. I just hope that I am doing enough because she is incredible with the cats she fosters and transports. We know that our boys are kind, loving and so full of personality because they had her nurturing them in the beginning weeks/months of their lives. I have found that she and I have other things in common and it’s been great exploring and sharing those things.  I really hope that I can continue supporting her efforts.

I really look forward to receiving her foster updates and I get so excited when she finds forever homes for the cats she is caring for. It takes a special person to socialize, care for, and nurture all these cats and then to let them go to different homes. My heart aches when she shares all the sad stories as to why the cats find their way to her… but, the successes are filled with joy!

I never would have guessed…

My husband and I have been supporters of Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue for several years. We currently have six cats from SPCR and although Stanley and Oliver are probably the most well-known on the Facebook page, we also have several others including Sherman, Bernadette, and Madison from John and Carolyn. For several reasons, we are not able to foster for SPCR but we are always looking for ways to support the work that SPCR does so when the SPCR Angel program was announced in June, I was excited to be part of the program. After several emails with Kathy, we were assigned to John and Carolyn. We have met John and Carolyn several times as we adopted three of our cats from them and also have transported kitties to their loving care for SPCR.

During the time we have been SPCR Angels for John and Carolyn, our relationship has changed from a common interest to friendship and affection. In addition to providing cat toys, beds and food, we have cheered their victories and adoption stories and mourned their losses and hardships. I have spent hours messaging with Carolyn during difficult times and tried to provide a “virtual shoulder” for her to lean on. Fostering is not for the faint of heart and both John and Carolyn have had many successes along with sadness and loss. The Angel program allows us to live vicariously through John and Carolyn’s work and feel like we are part of the “family.” I also think we have provided John and Carolyn with a place to voice their hope and concerns for their foster kitties.

I knew that participating in the SPCR Angel program would be fulfilling and allow us to be a bigger part of SPCR but I never would have guessed that we would also become close friends with John and Carolyn outside of SPCR. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help SPCR and thank you for giving us the opportunity to have wonderful friends in our lives like John and Carolyn.

Gifts from Foster Angels to their foster homes:

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller.