Shopping List

Once you pick the cat of your dreams, you’ll need many supplies before the kitty comes home. Below are some basic necessities you should have to start you and your cat out in the right direction. For more information about grooming and trimming supplies, please see our “Grooming” page.

  1. Dishes for food and water (ceramic or metal ONLY)
  2. Food (see a listing of our favorites under “Helpful Links” at the bottom of the “Diet & Nutrition” page)
  3. Scratching post (at least 3 feet high with more sisal rope than carpeting.)
  4. Cat carrier
  5. Nail trimmers. These should be small and easy to handle. Do NOT use the Pedipaws product on cats!
  6. Litter box (minimum 2 for one cat plus one more for each additional cat. NO LINERS, NO HOODS) A big, deep Rubbermaid storage container from any store works very well!
  7. Cat litter (always use unscented)
  8. Toys
  9. Grooming equipment
    1. Long hair – wide tooth comb, stiff bristle or pin brush, blunt tipped scissors for mats, and nail trimmer
    2. Short hair – rubber brush and nail trimmer
  10. Identification (provided)
  11. Bedding