Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adopt a cat?2019-12-30T12:22:51-06:00
  1. Go to the application form.  Answer every question.
  2. On your application, provide information for ALL your vets if you have more than one.
  3. Submit your application form.  This is powered by Google.  You will be redirected to a success page.
  4. You will receive a copy of your application from Google.  If you do not receive this email check your spam.  If the email is not in your spam then you did not successfully submit an application.
  5. Your application goes to our Adoption Applications Team.  They will review your vet and landlord references.  You may be contacted for additional information.  Add @purebredcatrescue.org to your whitelist if you use a spam blocker or do not see a response within 2 business days.
  6. Contact your vet(s) and release your records.
  7. If approved, your application will for forwarded to the foster home.  You will receive an email confirming approval or denial.
  8. The foster home for the cat will choose from the available applications to determine the best home for the cat.  This is not a first-come, first-serve business, but a rescue dedicated to saving cats and finding them a forever home where they will not be abandoned or surrendered again.
  9. If you are chosen as a potential home for the cat, the foster for the cat will contact you.  The foster is the final decision-maker for all cat adoptions.  If you do not hear from the foster within 48 hours of your application being sent on, you may contact adoptions@purebredcatrescue.org to check on the status of your application.
How long until I hear about my application?2019-12-30T12:21:56-06:00

You should receive a response from an Adoption Applications team member  in regards to your application within 48 hours. Check your spam folder and make sure that you have added @purebredcatrescue.org to your white-list.  You may email adoptions@purebredcatrescue.org if your spam folder is empty and you do not hear anything after 2 business days. Please keep in mind everyone involved is a volunteer who is donating her or his time to help the kitties.

I have allergies. Can I adopt a cat?2019-12-10T12:37:42-06:00

Yes.  An application will not be denied if you are allergic to cats.  However, no breed of cat is hypo-allergenic and a very common reason for cats to be abandoned or surrendered is allergies.  All breeds of cats produce the allergen, Fel d 1, in some quantity.  If you apply seeking a hypo-allergenic cat, your application will not be accepted by a foster unless you are willing to take additional measures to treat your allergies such as: OTC medication, prescription medication, air purifiers, or allergy shots.

How do I schedule a visit to one of the cats?2019-12-10T12:00:44-06:00

First, go to our “Adoption Application Form” and fill it out. We usually have a 48-hour processing time for applications by our Adoption Applications team. We will contact your vet and landlord.  Processing will be delayed if it is a weekend (when vets are closed), if you have not contacted your vet to release your records, if you have not listed all your vets, or if you have not answered all the questions on the application form.  After your application has passed background checks, it will be approved and forwarded to the foster home for the cat. Once your application has been forwarded to the foster home, you may make arrangements with the foster to see the cat in their private home.

Why I haven’t I heard from SPCR?2019-12-10T11:54:45-06:00

Check your spam folder for missing communications.  Also, add purebrecatrescue.org to your email white-list.

Can I request that you contact me when a particular type of cat comes in to the rescue?2019-12-10T11:27:29-06:00

Unfortunately, no. We cannot notify people individually when specific cats come in. We also do not match cats to families.  Cat biographies are written to provide the best idea of the personality and needs of each cat.  Please, keep a close eye on our “Available Cats” page and read the postings carefully.

Which breed is the most hypoallergenic?2019-12-10T09:14:37-06:00

Many people believe that hairless breeds, such as the Sphynx, or the Siberian cat are hypoallergenic.  No breed is actually hypoallergenic.  People are most commonly allergic to the Fel d 1 protein which is found in cat saliva (90% of the population, but you may one of the few allergic to a different cat protein).  As all cats make saliva, all cats can cause an allergic reaction.  There are a few breeders who claim to breed for cats who do not produce Fel d 1, but unless the breeder has proof to have genetically-engineered a Fel d 1 knockout cat, then it is unlikely to be true.  No cat breed exists which does not produce the Fel d 1 protein at this time.  Individual cats may produce a low amount of the Fel d 1 protein.  As a rescue, we do not have the resources to genetically test each of our cats for the absence of the gene and do not claim that any of our rescue cats are hypoallergenic.

Do you allow out of state (or foreign) adoptions?2019-12-10T09:04:13-06:00

Certainly, but we do not ship or transport in any way. If you are planning to transport the cat to a foreign country, such as Canada, you are responsible for knowing all the rules, all associated paperwork, and fees.  For more information, please see our “Adoption Application” page.

Where is your facility and when can I visit?2017-03-20T20:45:41-05:00

We are a foster-based program and do not have one central facility. Cats are kept in foster homes for evaluation. The majority of our foster homes are in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Michigan. Locations in Wisconsin include in Kenosha, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Milwaukee, Manitowoc, Madison and Janesville. Locations in Illinois include Chicago, Gurnee, Rockford and Peoria. Visitations are by appointment only and an approved application must be on file.

Where do all these cats come from?2017-03-16T02:46:52-05:00

We are connected with shelters all over the Midwest and we also receive many owner surrenders. We also partner with rescues in the Middle East (Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt) where purebred cats are frequently dumped on the street. We usually have a waiting list of 30 cats needing to come in to our rescue at any given time. For more information visit the “About Us” page.

How long do you keep applications on file?2017-03-09T05:37:50-06:00

Six months – Anything after that must be resubmitted.

Do you make a lot of money off of purebred cats?2017-03-08T07:44:36-06:00

95% of the money raised through adoption fees and donations go directly to vet bills and medications. The remaining funds are put toward sales tax, accountant fees, administrative costs, and some food and litter. This is purely a labor of love for all of us working at the rescue.

How is your rescue funded?2017-03-08T07:44:03-06:00

SPCR is funded solely by adoption fees and donations.

If I am not sure what type of cat I want, can I visit a bunch of the foster homes to figure it out?2017-03-08T07:43:35-06:00

If you don’t have a real idea of what you want and just want to visit cats, please go to your local shelter and adopt a wonderful “regular” kitty who could really use your love. Shelters welcome “walk-throughs,” but our foster homes are also private residences. Although we don’t expect everyone to adopt each cat they go to visit, we ask for your consideration and respect when visiting a foster home. Thank you!

Can you hold a cat for me?2017-03-08T07:42:59-06:00

Since we do have so many cats waiting to come into our foster homes, we cannot hold cats for longer than a week. Please make an appointment to see a cat as quickly as possible.

What usually happens that forces an owner to surrender his/her cat?2017-03-08T07:41:55-06:00

Sometimes there are very sad circumstances in people’s lives that make it impossible for them to keep their pets and we are sympathetic to that. Many rescues do not take owner surrenders because they feel it is the individual’s responsibility to place his/her own animal. That is true; however, we’d rather take a cat from an owner directly than have to take it from a shelter later when it is horribly sick or neglected.

Why would people spend hundreds of dollars on a purebred cat and then abandon it on the street?2017-03-08T07:41:16-06:00

You tell us. It’s a mystery we’ve never been able to solve.

If a purebred cat comes into a shelter as a stray, is there usually something wrong with it?2017-03-08T07:40:48-06:00

Absolutely not, in fact, about 80% of the cats we get into this rescue have no health problems whatsoever. Usually, the have suffered from a history of neglect and sometimes abuse. These are cats that, with a little TLC, will adjust and thrive in caring homes.