American Shorthair

Often thought of as a sturdy silver tabby, this medium to large sized cat comes in many other colors and patterns as well. They are muscular, strong and well built, males being larger than females. They are smart and will keep your house free of mice, bugs, and any other stray thing that flies in, as they are good hunters. They will play with toys with or without their owner’s participation. This is a cat that tolerates being alone, but is devoted to its family. They are loving, easy going, and friendly.

Grooming Needs
These cats have a dense coat meant to protect from the elements. Brushing at least weekly is recommended, and more often during seasonal coat changes.


Health Issues
American Shorthairs like their food, so care must be taken to monitor their food intake so that they do not become too heavy. Daily play sessions can help this. They can suffer from hip dysplasia and some heart diseases.

Best Homes
This cat enjoys people and will do well with a family and well behaved children or dogs, and they also do well with just a single person. They are pretty adaptable and would simply enjoy a nice cat tree overlooking a bird feeder.