Though we do not get a lot of these cats, they a special breed and are greatly loved by those who have them. Abys are known for their short, ticked coats and active personalities. Somalis (which are long-haired Abys) are beautiful, friendly cats with similar attributes.

Grooming and Care Needs
Abys are very low maintenance in the way of grooming. They will do well with an occasional comb-through. Somalis, which have medium-length coats, need a bit more grooming but are relatively easy.

Health Issues
Both breeds typically have bad teeth and care must be taken to make sure this does not become a serious health problem. We are starting to see both knee and heart problems in these breeds as well.

Best Homes
People who enjoy active, intelligent breeds such as Siamese would thoroughly enjoy Abys and Somalis. They are VERY busy cats; they live to play. They can be very sensitive and thrive on interaction with their owner.