We adopted Lucy after our seal point Siamese, Malia, fought the unforgiving battle of renal failure.  I had never owned a Siamese cat before, but we had adopted our Malia from a local animal shelter and it was love at 1st sight. She was our little fur baby, very independent, sassy, and we were “her humans” rather than our pet.  She left an everlasting impression on our hearts; and once we lost her we knew we wanted another Siamese. I had requested a “sassy” Siamese…meaning a kitten or cat with a bit of an attitude! We met “Lucy” and knew right away she was going to be our little girl. Although she can’t replace Malia, Lucy is a wonderful addition to our family and her foster parents were amazing and very accommodating and great to work with. I am forever grateful to them and SPCR and encourage anyone to adopt from this wonderful organization! Lastly,  We have a 9 year old domestic short hair male who was at a loss when we lost Maria. He never bonded with her, but he is really bonding with Lucy. It was the best decision for all of us, and it has shown us that even in the darkest with the loss of a pet…. it has shed new light for the adoption of another.

  • Thanks for all you do!