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We love success stories. If you have adopted from us, please consider sharing your success story with us.



JUJU Though Juju looks angry 98% of the time, she is one of the most loving cats I have met. She loves taking naps in the sun. She has fit into our home marvelously and her energy always brings a smile to

A Bonded Pair, Almost Separated until Fate Intervened

A Bonded Pair, Almost Separated until Fate Intervened The year 2015 was a terrible one for us. We lost our two beloved kitties, Teddie and Master P. Though we swore we would never again adopt, by December of 2015, we found ourselves perusing the Specialty


Frankie was found in Indiana as a stray.

The Legend of Jimmy the Himmy

Jimmy gained “legendary” status not only because of all he suffered to find his home, but because he had an amazing Purrsonality like no other!


Here we have the story of Binx (formerly Hampster), very much the “ugly duckling” of rescue.

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