Small in size but not in spirit!

Stewart was just two weeks old when he and his siblings came into rescue after their mom was unable to care for them. However, at half the size of his siblings, Stewart was obviously the runt. As the rest of the litter continued to grow and thrive, little Stewart remained small. Now at four months old, we are very excited that Stewart has reached a full pound!

We believe he has Portosystemic Shunts, a condition which requires him to eat much more than normal to grow, maintain weight and avoid illness. While he is aided by medication to absorb nutrients, Stewart will need costly ultrasounds and a CT scan to provide the imaging needed for designing a surgical plan. Won’t you help Stewart get the care he needs to grow into a strong young kitten like his siblings?

At six months old Stewart made it to three healthy pounds and was able to be neutered. Despite his rocky start testing revealed no on going health issues. Stewart was adopted by a loving family.