On Wednesday, April 25th, we received an urgent plea for assistance to help with 30 underweight and matted Persians cats from Michigan. By April 27 our transport team picked them up and drove them to McAfee Animal Hospital in Valparaiso, Indiana.  Within 24 hours cats had received fluids, shaves/bathing, neuters/spays, vaccinations, dentals (as needed), vaccinations, blood work ups, fecal screening, worming, flea treatment and many various medications.  On Sunday, April 29th, all cats were en route to foster homes in Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota.

We want to thank everyone who made this possible: our administrative team, our intake team, our transport team who spent hours organizing and driving these babies, foster homes who are taking care of multiple cats and McAfee Animal Hospital in Valparaiso, Indiana who with 2 day’s notice got us in for a marathon vetting of 23 cats in 24 hours.

Now these cats need YOUR help. All required extensive vetting and as they recover from the initial medical attention it is suspected there will be the need for nasal surgeries on quite a few and follow-up visits on all.   Many will now be spending weeks-to-months in foster care to get them ready for forever homes.   We are setting a fundraising goal of $10,000. This is the projected cost of care that will be spent on these cats. If you can, please donate.