In June, SPCR was contacted by a family of a breeder who had sadly passed away in Kansas. At this time, 30 Persians were in desperate need of new homes, medical care and vetting needs.

On June 10, 2018 SPCR partnered with many organizations to help bring 14 of the cats into our care. Finney County Humane Society helped to bring the cats to the airport. Pilots N Paws flew the cats on their journey. Due to weather conditions, when the cats landed at the airport, all the cats had to stay at an Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue transporter’s house overnight in individual cat condos! The next day SPCR transporters brought them to SPCR vet for medical evaluation and care. Thank you to Dr. Angela Madden-Heinzen at Port Cities Animal Hospital, who did all our vetting! The cats are now in SPCR foster homes! Thank you to our friends at South Texas Persian Rescue for taking in the other cats into their care.

We want to thank everyone involved: our SPCR administrators / coordinators, Finney County Humane Society, Pilots N Paws, SPCR transporters, South Texas Persian Rescue, SPCR foster homes and your support!

Many of these cats in care need full vetting, sedated shaves, dentals and stenotic NARES. We are estimating costs to be about $6000 to vet all the cats. As of June 18th, we raised about $1100. If you can, please donate.