The Special Needs Six, our newest arrivals from the Middle East!

This story begins on the other side of the world when a rescue partner in Egypt discovered a group of sick and deformed kittens that were scheduled to be euthanized and desperately needed help. The specialized veterinary care they needed is not readily accessible in Egypt, so she reached out to SPCR to see if we could help.

The rescuer was able to save the kittens from euthanization, and took them in as fosters while we got to work planning the kittens’ cross-continental freedom ride. This required a round-trip international plane ticket for one of our volunteers, travel fees for four carriers and finding a volunteer that was available to fly all the way to Egypt to pick them up and and bring them back to Chicago (thank you Debbie!). After they landed, the kittens went on a long-distance car ride from the airport to their foster home, which was made possible by several of our transport volunteers. It took countless hours of planning, nine volunteers, and considerable financial resources just to get the kittens to the rescue. And that is just a drop in the bucket towards what these tiny jetsetters need now that they are in our care, so we are asking for your help. Will you help us help them?

Meet the Special Needs Six


Star has severe deformities in all four of his legs. He will be seeing  a specialist at Iowa State vet school who does cutting edge treatment with limb deformities. He is also being treated for ringworm. Leggings for Life made Star a pair of special leggings to use so he that doesn’t get sores from walking on the sides of his legs, and he will be able to wear them as soon as his ringworm is cleared up. Thank you Leggings for Life!


Wind’s right hind leg is deformed and can likely be amputated when she becomes healthy enough for surgery. This poor girl is also being treated for ringworm! Once she completes treatment and gets her surgery, she will feel much better.


Sun’s right rear leg, which is not in the socket, drags behind her and needs amputation. Sun’s left hind leg is also deformed so there is concern about if it will be able to support her weight. It possible that in addition to amputation, Sun may need additional procedures or equipment to help with mobility. She will be going with Star to see the specialist at Iowa State.


Ripple is likely deaf, and is currently undergoing testing for confirmation.


Sky has cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a condition that causes jerky movements, tremors, and generally uncoordinated motion.  A cat with CH often falls down and has trouble walking or cannot seem to walk at all, but CH is not painful and with loving care, these cats have normal life expectancy. Sweet little Sky also has herpes conjunctivitis and is currently on several medications.


Moon is still being assessed, but so far she appears healthy other than an upper respiratory infection that should clear up with treatment. Keep your fingers crossed for continued good news for Moon!

The single biggest way you can help these kittens right now is to donate towards their medical and travel expenses. It takes a village to take on challenging cases like theirs, and we are so grateful for the ongoing generosity of the SPCR community that enables us to do this life-saving work.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your compassion and support!


Moon adopted 8/17.

Wind adopted 9/1.

Ripple adopted 9/2.

Sun adopted 9/8.