Layna is a Ragdoll from Minnesota who was surrendered with her sister back in December. She had a bony mass on her lower right jaw. It caused discomfort and appeared to be growing, but was not cancerous. The decision was made to remove her lower, right jaw bone. Cats have 4 bones that make up their jaw, unlike humans where we have just the upper and lower.   She had surgery the morning of February 7th and is now back with her foster family. The next day or 2, she will look the worst with the swelling, but should get better from there. She is already eating on her own, which is amazing! She is the sweetest, friendly cat and was purring and head butting everyone at the vet. She should be ready to find her family in a few weeks!

Estimates for Layna’s care including her initial health assessments, bloodwork, scan, surgery, and recovery are almost $5,000!

Layna Has Been Adopted