The Mystery Kitty

Shoback was found running loose as a stray in a rural area of Wisconsin and brought to a shelter. The staff thought he might be a Sphynx and contacted SPCR.  Four paw declawed and virtually naked, this poor kitty (breed completely unknown) is covered from nose to tail with sores and blackheads, like the worst possible full body acne. His foster mom has never seen anything like it in 20 years. Shoback is as sweet as he is sad looking…constantly purring and so happy to be somewhere safe, indoors and with plenty of food. He is currently being treated with a regimen of baths, antibiotics and salves but has a very long way to go. He will need to be seen by a specialist for his skin issues and more tests are ahead. Won’t you please consider donating to his care? He is only one of the many hundreds of cats helped by SPCR and the need is especially acute this time of year. Donations are fully tax deductible and can be made through the donate link or through snail mail at SPCR, P.O. Box 132, Somers, WI. 53171. THANK YOU!



7/17/2017 – The biopsy results came back as chronic folliculitis, meaning a very severe skin infection. The plan of action is medicated baths every few days and a course of antibiotics for a month and then reassess depending on results. Under the current regimen, more and more fur is developing, he’s eating and drinking great, normal stools and he’s just a sweet, loving guy who is easy to care for with all of this (fortunately ). The vet recommended we try the conservative approach and if we need the big gun specialists later that will be provided. So far so good!