Zoey & Gracie

Our introduction to Zoey (top) was when one volunteer met another volunteer in a parking lot to trade off cats that had been transported from a shelter. “Do you think this kitten has ringworm?” said one to the other. “Because if she does, nobody will take her and she will die.” A quick glance revealed the tiny (Siamese? It was impossible to tell) kitten was indeed recovering from a very bad bout with the fungal infection but even from the start her personality was SO HUGE that we had no doubt she would fully recover and thrive. We knew she had been taken away from her mother at 4 weeks of age and sold to someone and by 6 weeks was thrown into a local shelter, unwanted, sick, and very unlikely to survive.

It was pure chance (and the kindness of our volunteers) she wound up with us. We treated her infection and the “ugly duckling” kitten with the incredible personality started to thrive, just as we knew she would.  Meanwhile, Gracie also found herself in a shelter. Thin, sickly and extremely stressed in a cage, rescue was her last hope. She would not eat, drink or relate to people in any calm way being kept in anything but a room of her own. Fortunately just the right foster situation opened up for her and she was able to start the healing. And then the Heffernans contacted us….