Jimmy was a Sealpoint Himalayan who came into our rescue about a year ago and gained “legendary” status with our volunteers not only because of all he suffered to find his Purrfect Forever Home, but because he had an amazing Purrsonality like no other! Jimmy was surrendered, along with a Siamese, to a shelter in Illinois by a mentally ill individual who had kept both of them in terrible conditions. Jimmy was only a year old but his fur was so matted and covered with his own feces that he was unable to walk. As soon as one of our rescue volunteers retrieved him from the shelter he was rushed to a vet where he was anesthetized and completely shaved, except for his beautiful tail. The stress of his ordeal sent him into a severe bout of upper respiratory illness and skin staph infection that almost did him in. It was very touch and go for a while but with LOTS of TLC and by force of his own personality, Jimmy pulled through.

He soon took to “posing for pictures” at his new foster home and was developing into a very cute little fur-man. Jimmy was a very intelligent, active, confident kitty, delighting us all with his antics. Shortly after this picture was taken an older couple who had just lost their older Persian adopted Jimmy. Despite our advice to let him calm down and get used to a new situation, the couple proceeded to chase Jimmy around the house with a brush the very minute he came out of his crate, scaring him half to death. The very next morning the foster person got a call about the “vicious, nasty cat” we had foisted on them and they brought Jimmy back in a carrier COMPLETELY WRAPPED IN DUCT TAPE so the “terrible kitty” couldn’t burst his way out. Needless to say Jimmy was very happy to see his foster mom again and so was she! After another failed adoption in which we learned that Jimmy “liked to pee on other cats” (we are still trying to figure out how that is physically possible) Jimmy FINALLY found his Forever Home inMinnesota with a gentleman and no other cats (Jimmy really wanted to be King of the Castle anyway). This intelligent, charming little being (who apparently makes “quacking” noises and will now do it on command) just needed someone who understood him! AND HOW ABOUT THAT MAGNIFICENT COAT??

Hello everyone! I have been with my new roommate, Michael, since last July, and things are going great… one might say quacktastic! After a few, uh hem, misstarts, I am very happy and thriving in my domain. I now go by the name Muggeroos, which apparently was a migration from Jimmy to Jimmy Uggs, to Uggers, to Muggeroos…. When Michael and his friend Jenn first saw my picture, my fur-do (shave) made it look like I was wearing little Ugg Boots! I am the King of my Castle and fill my days by chasing the invisible, sleeping on the office chair, cuddling with my roomie, and quacking for food. Thank you for everything you did to help make me better and find me the PURRFECT Forever Home!

Jimmy the Himmy