For all practical purposes, Frankie doesn’t look as bad in this “before” photo (on the right) as most of the other cats that come into this rescue. But her adorable looks don’t show the incredible amount of pain and suffering she had endured before she got here. Frankie was found in Indiana as a stray and, like so many that wind up in our hands, her discovery and transport were due entirely to the time and kindness of selfless volunteers, always looking to help. She was indeed the tiniest silver Persian (or Persian of any color) we had ever seen. She was slightly over TWO POUNDS, and severely underweight. The reason for her starvation was soon evident…a mouthful of severely infected teeth so painful she simply could not eat. While she was spayed the vet removed 13 rotting teeth. Several weeks after her spay, X-rays revealed some of the largest bladder stones our vet had ever seen in a cat. They had been with her a long time, causing severe pain with every urination, and were now at a point where she could barely urinate at all. A second surgery soon followed to remove the stones and we knew she would have to find a very special home that would monitor her condition and made sure she had the special food she needed to keep healthy. Fortunately, just the right person discovered our website around the time Frankie was ready to go. Her darling, “stuffed animal” looks and gentle nature quickly won over her a new family in Chicago and she has made great strides!

Frankie is really settling in now… she seems to have caught up on sleep and gained enough weight. Her new ‘fun-time’ hang out is the kitchen counter area. Every morning I wake up now and she is sprinting back and forth, dodging appliances and hopping over the sink. It is a wonderful sight to see her shake her little bottom and run around the house. Our new little girl sleeps with me every night, right beside my head on my pillow. She still wakes up crying now and again, but she is very easily calmed and reassured that she is safe. She even squeaks at me when I get home every night until I come by and say hello…I admit to tearing up the first few times she did that!!

We see the vet about every 3 months and have her urine checked for crystals…so far, so good. I think all she needed was some love…which she now gets for sure. I even get to hear her meow every once in awhile…she is such a wonderful addition to my family!