We have the story of Binx (formerly Hampster), very much the “ugly duckling” of rescue. This tiny creature, barely more than 6 ounces when he arrived at this rescue, was one of the most pathetic kittens we had ever seen. His fur was scraggly and thin, he had a huge pot belly from worms, his eyes were all infected and he had this weird undershot jaw that just didn’t add to the overall aesthetic appearance (see photo on left). He really looked like a fuzzy baby bird, though as he cleaned up a bit he looked far more like a long-haired hamster due to his tiny size. He had been abandoned at a shelter in Indiana, probably the runt of a breeding project, and was not expected to live. Fortunately, due to the initial efforts of the shelter staff who got food into him right away and then to the big heart of one of our volunteers who transported him up to one of our foster homes, Binx proceeded to defy expectations and thrive anyway!

About a year and a half later and here is Binx who turned out to be a STUNNING BLUE POINT RAGDOLL! (top photo). He was adopted by one of our “frequent flyer” adopter families who has become one of our foster homes and biggest supporters! Binx is the youngest daughter’s best friend and is always with her, around her and waiting for her to come home from school. He turned into a BIG boy and is a typical representative of his breed…a FLOP cat with a temperament so easy-going that nothing ever seems to bother him. Who ever would have thought that ugly little scrap of kitty could turn into such a gorgeous swan?