UPDATE 10/21/2018 – Dave is now available for adoption.

Imagine a tiny kitten with 3 broken bones desperately trying to stay alive. Running from house to house and away from the barking dogs, covered in fleas and abscesses, no food, very dehydrated,…just trying to stay alive. Then imagine a very kind person finds this little one and wants help for him, but it is the weekend, there is no help, and the only chance is a connection to a rescue far away in another state.

This was the situation for Dave, an 8 week old Siamese kitten in Oklahoma, who really should be named Lucky because the stars and planets aligned perfectly for this little guy! It just so happened that the person who found him was related to one of our foster homes and after a few frantic phone calls he was able to hitch a ride with a wonderful local group called Lucky Mutts who just happened to be running dogs up to Milwaukee! The next morning this poor little dear was on his way to one of our vets to be stabilized and then on to a specialist to see what they could do for him. He had 2 broken bones in one leg and another broken bone in another leg…how he was alive at all was a miracle. But the specialist said he could be fixed! ūüôā

Dave is currently in surgery and doing well but getting his tiny limbs plated and pinned is going to cost SPCR around $7000 (yep, you read that right). Of course it is still summer, we are still overwhelmed with cats, and the expenses never cease, but how could we say no to this face? Anything you can do to help with Dave’s recovery would be greatly appreciated! ¬†We will continue to update you all about this little miracle kitty!