Project Description


Mars is a 2 year old LYNX POINT SIAMESE from Kuwait. Mars has his claws and is neutered. Mars is a very special cat because he makes a very odd sound when he breaths (watch video).  While Mars has been treated with many medications including antibiotics and steroids, received x-rays and seen a specialist, there is no diagnosis for his ‘strange noise’ at this time.  Also, he does exhibit some breathing issues and the noise is more pronounced when he is excited or nervous.  It has been recognized that the sound is less pronounced when he is sleeping (and breathing slower).  He can also eat too fast and can possibly inhale air during this process which makes him vomit his food.  Due to his breathing, we are seeking a low stress home for Mars and one which is willing and financially capable of providing the medical treatment necessary should his health change unexpectedly in the future.  Mars is good with calm cats,  and dogs that leave him alone. He loves to sleep in the cat tree. Mars does like to play with wand toys, especially ones that have feathers on them.  He loves canned wet cat food. Mars is truly a very special and loving cat.  ADOPTION FEE $100.  FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.
While Mars lives in a private home while in foster care, his adoption will be performed at the Gurnee Petsmart.