Project Description


Natural red-head looking for the “one”.

My name is LUCY, like that other famous redheaded lady.   I’m a 5 years old PERSIAN, weigh a lithe 6 pounds, have my claws, and grow a very dense cottony coat.   Right before I came to SPCR I was taken to the groomer to get all the mats out, but they left my tail au natural.   My foster mom says I look like a lemur – looooong skinny body and SUPER bushy tail. I’m prone to cat acne (nobody can be THAT perfect, right?) so I need to have stainless steel bowls for my yums and water.

I’m a sweet girl that must be with her people as much as possible. Someone that works from home would be perfect.  I bond closely to my people. If I know you’re around, and not giving me all the attention I will meow until you come see me.   I allow the bipeds to pick me up, but do not like to be carried around. As for pets, I love to have my head and face rubbed. Foster-Mom gives me head massages that make me melt.  I will sit still forever as long as she keeps rubbing my cheeks and forehead. Sometimes I can’t help myself and will sluuuuurp your hands if they’re within tongue distance. Once you are settled in for the night, I will often plop myself down on your chest and stare at you with love and adoration.  If I’m not planted on you, I’ll be snuggled right up to you somewhere. And biscuits? I’ve been known to make a few dozen. ☺ I love my ‘nip and cardboard scratchers. I’m wonderful with my litter box too. A bowl of crunchies are left out for me to graze on, and in the evening I get a packet of Fancy Feast delights.   I lick all the broth off first, and then later will come back to eat the rest.

My previous home said I beat up the other cat, which is why I landed in rescue.    I’ve shown interest in the resident cats, but haven’t swatted or hissed at them when we see each other.    Because this could be questionable territory, I would like to request to be the only cat in your home. And really?  Who needs another cat when you could have ME?! I’ve not met any of those panting mouth-breathers (AKA DOGS), so I’m not sure if I like them or not.   Perhaps a slow introduction with one that left me alone and let me get most of the attention from the humans would be okay. Respectful children upwards of 6 years old should be fine too.   More hands to love me, right? ADOPTION FEE $350. FOSTERED in MINNEAPOLIS, MN

Quick Info

  • Color: Red
  • Breed: Persian
  • Age: 5 years
  • Female
  • Has Claws
  • Adoption Fee: $350
  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Good with Respectful Kids

  • No Other Cats