Project Description

LOLA is an absolutely darling 9 year old SILVER HIMALAYAN. She has the brightest blue eyes you could ever possibly want to gaze into. She is four paw declawed, spayed, fully vetted and is 100% with her litter box manners. Weighing in a little over 8 pounds this fluffy girl looks much larger.

This girl has one of the most magnificent tails in the world and due to her long luxurious fur she will require daily combing/brushing to keep the fur clean and mat-free. She doesn’t mind being fussed over though and usually does a great job during brushing.

With new people she is a tad shy at first and needs a bit of time to get used them. Once she is settled in she is very sweet natured, enjoys attention and as true with typical Himalayas she is overall a very laid-back girl with an easy-going personality. She is more than happy to curl up next to or on a lap and purr for hours. If you are lucky you might even get some kisses on a hand or a cheek.

The best home for Lola would also be calm, patient home that is experienced with the coat and care of Persians/Himalayans. Although she is a very loving girl she does not enjoy the company of other kitties. She would prefer to be the queen of her castle and not have any competition for the crown. Although it is unknown if she has experience with dogs it is likely that she would not be very fond of them. Older respectful children would be okay but younger children would probably be too much for her. ADOPTION FEE $175.00 FOSTERED IN PERRY, MI

Quick Info

  • Color: Silver
  • Breed: Himalayan
  • Age: 9 years
  • Female
  • Four Paw Declawed
  • Adoption Fee: $175
  • Location: Perry, MI
  • Good with Older Kids

  • No Other Cats

  • No Dogs