Project Description


Meet BODI! The big lovable BENGAL who is around 11 years old, neutered and has his claws. He weighs around 11 pounds. He’s a big boy but doesn’t weigh as much as you would think. He is up to date on shots, is microchipped and has been deemed healthy by the vet. Bodi came to us after he was surrounded due to his bullying of the other cat in his home. He was very grumpy and a little scared at first but his strong self-confidence emerged pretty quickly and he is now ruling his foster room as king of his domain. He isn’t afraid of exploring a new place and will roam around to investigate the area.

Bodi has a beautiful spotted and striped brown and black coat with red and gold tones mixed in and the longest tail imaginable. His big yellow green eyes are sure to catch your attention. In foster care, Bodi is outgoing, attention seeking, and has no problem showing his quirky personality. He is vocal and upfront when looking for attention and enjoys petting and being talked to. He loves to snuggle in his Santa sack bed when its nap time and enjoys looking out the window to chirp at the birds when he he’s feeling feisty. He is a great mix between being a couch potato and active wild kitty. One of his silly traits is that he loves to scoop his food out of his bowl with his paw and eat if off the floor. However, nothing can top his love for playing in water. His love for water is absolutely hilarious. Whether he is dipping his paws in his water bowl or dumping it on the floor his paws are almost always wet. His foster mom found a solution to avoid wet floors and still have water always available to him by putting an 18 quart plastic “dishpan” in a step-in shower. He will push and pull the dishpan around, try to tip it over, drink out of it and of course splash his paws in it as much as possible. The shower is almost always wet from his fun. Not only does he love water, he also loves ice cubes. If you place an ice cube in his water bowl, he’ll splash it around and usually knock it out and be done with it. Sometimes he will continue to bat it around on the floor.

He can be a very loud and talkative cat, and has several different meows/howls. He loves playing with wand toys, and catnip toys. He does not like being held, however he loves to sit between your legs (not on top), and will make a fuss until you allow him room to curl up. He also enjoys sitting under a nice warm blanket with his person. His favorite place to be petted is on his face and neck. However, he doesn’t like the tip of his tail touched. He will give a warning meow/grumble and then will swat or nip if it doesn’t stop. Bodi will paw at you and meow when he wants something, and rub his face on you. He will hover and follow you around the house. He will sit right behind your feet, so if you’re moving around a lot, you can trip or knock into him. Although one of his funnier habits are the fact that he absolutely is obsessed with cheese. If you are eating cheese he will chase you around the house and if you are sitting down while eating it he will climb you are try to get a nibble.

In the past due to his love of playing in the water rather than drinking it he would sometimes get dehydrated. This caused him to have some constipation issues. Although his foster mom hasn’t had of these issues he is on a special diet. This big boy enjoys eating dry food and also gets daily servings of wet food that is grain-free. One per day he gets 1/8 of a teaspoon of Miralax powder mix into his wet food. He has no problem eating it right up and probably doesn’t even notice it’s in there. His favorites are Tiki Cat Aloha Friend, Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Wet and Applaws Layers Wet Cat Food- Natural Grain, Free, Limited Ingredient. All seafood flavors of course as they are his favorite. When it comes to eating he sometimes takes a bit to finish his food as he’s missing a canine tooth. Aside from his tooth, he does have a slight cataract in one eye, but it does not bother him one bit, and the vet was not concerned about it.

Bodi absolutely loves people. He wants to be around and spend time with his person. He would do best as an only cat because he is very cranky with other kitties. His aggression has caused stress on his former “roommates”. His foster mom is unsure how he is with young kids or dogs but he does well with older kids. ADOPTION FEE $100.  FOSTERED IN PERRY, MI

Quick Info

  • Color: Brown Spotted
  • Breed: Bengal
  • Age: 11 years
  • Male
  • Has Claws
  • Adoption Fee: $100
  • Location: Perry, MI
  • Good with Older Kids

  • No Other Cats