When a foster mom’s phone chatters after midnight, it rarely means something good. Family? or cats? The midnight call late Thursday was cats–Patrick to be specific. His concerned foster mom thought he might be blocked. Hunched in his litterbox, his head hung low, his vibrant personality non-existent, Patrick seemed to be in pain. Options were discussed and it was decided to observe a bit more. By 2:00 a.m. the phones chattered again. Sandie, Patrick’s foster mom was in “SPCR has to save him” mode and rushing to an ER clinic. For the next hour doctors worked while phone lines were kept busy. He was admitted and by 8 a.m. on Friday, it was confirmed–Patrick,a sweet, loving, playful blue Munchkin was not only blocked but had several painful bladder stones. Thanks to the watchful eye of his foster mom who has been caring for him for awhile, she recognized the signals of distress before we lost him. (You must act immediately if you suspect a cat may be blocked. Their life does depend on it.) It’s what we do. 24-7 care saves hundreds of SPCR cats. Patrick spent the night being treated at the ER clinic and was transferred to a local vet clinic on Friday where he is being prepped for arduous surgery. Those stones need to come out and removing some of them won’t be easy. Patrick needs your best wishes. His foster mom Sandie is ready to ride this out with him because it is what we do. We ask for your support. We need your best wishes, positive thoughts and if you are able, your contributions for his care. We anticipate total expenses to exceed $2500–the ER visit was half that. Please help us keep doing what we do best. Please help save Patrick.

UPDATE:  Patrick survived his surgery and after several weeks of recovery has been adopted.

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