Remember that cats are agile creatures and some breeds are a lot more active than others. You can expect most cats, especially breeds like Siamese, Orientals, Abys and Sphynx, to be in/on everything most of the time. However, you can train cats to stay off of areas like counter tops. Some of the best deterrents work when you are not there. We highly recommend the “Scat Mat”. It is a clear plastic strip with a battery pack that can be placed on a counter top and turned on. When a cat jumps up, it gets a mild static electricity charge to the feet that surprises the cat and deters it. Another good product is called “Ssscat” and is a motion detector on top of a can of compressed air. When a cat jumps up next to it the motion detector goes off and the cat gets a shot of air in the face. Both of these products are completely harmless to the cat but work very well. Ssscat can be found at many pet stores including Petsmart and Petco (online as well). Many online stores carry “Scat Mats” at competing prices.