2019 Memorials & Tributes

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JackMemorial Donations

Jack – My One in a Million

My unending gratitude to SPCR for allowing me to experience the pure joy that was Jack. I adopted him as a kitten almost 13 years ago, and every day with him has been filled with love, laughter (he was funny!) and a deepening connection. He was more than a cat—but better than a human, with an unlimited capacity for affection and sweetness.

My heart is broken with this loss. Some cats just are your one in a million, and Jack fit that bill. Although the pain of losing him is in direct proportion to the love I felt, I’d welcome it all again even knowing how hard it’s been to lose him. He was my dearest friend and companion.

– Cathy Cram

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Anatole France

Memorial Donations

In memory of the perfect Alfredo Linguini Pizatelli. What an honor it was to love and snuggle you! – Olivia Tunnell

In memory of Zelda the Sphynx and Toula the Siamese. – Aphrodite Parolisi

In memory of Dusty, who was loved by so many. – Ann Dahlke

In loving memory of Theo. – Megan McNees

In Celebration of Betsy Bartholomew’s 54th Birthday! – D.C. Bartholomew

In memory of Pearl – Persephone Productions

For Charlie in memory of Leah, Chen, and Oscar, my beautiful SPCR kitties who have crossed the rainbow bridge. Be strong little Charlie. – Lois Gault