2013 Memorials & Tributes

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Deanna Ross

A donation to the memory of Deanna Ross.

Deanna was always a strong supporter of SPCR and her presence on our Facebook page will be missed.

by Josephine Raap – 4/25/13.


In loving memory of Shaggy

So that those that are lost may be found.

Gifts received in his honor from:

The Good Works Company; Jeanne Smith; Andrea Mayes; Jennifer Boudreau; The Bean; Carol Larson; Angela Marie; Diana Rodriguez; Roxanne Bernard and the memory of Rudy; Jill Vergenz; Kyle Gerretsen;  Merrie Thornburg; Nacho Verissimo; Kathy Smith; Lauria German; Kristin Hahn; Sherry Poetzl;Dara Drew; Cindy Pittelkow; Lissa Wengronowitz; Susan Wente;  Kathy, Kibby, Khloe, Percy, Sir Winston and Baby Bentley Propheter; Samantha the Terrible and JuliAn the Fluffy; Kathryn Mordini for all who care for our feral cats; Gloria White; Nancy Cardarelli; Cindy Pittelkow; the Palmer cats; Cheri Youngs.


“The cat has too much spirit to have no heart.” – Ernest Menault

You are remembered as a gentle soul with a heart of gold. These loving memories you gave will be with us forever.  From you, we have learned life lessons and cat care skills that will enable us to give greater care to our next foster cats.  For that we owe you our deepest gratitude. The only thing left to say is, Obi-Wan is now one with the force.

Go in peace.
Your loving foster parents, Jens & Caitlin

Richard Callan

In loving memory of Richard Callan.

A very special boy who left this life all too soon. In honor of James, from Meredith.


In loving memory of Stella; a silver American shorthair and the sweetest cat ever!

Dearly missed by the family who adopted her from SPCR three years ago and adored her all that time.