Our best buddy, BENTO (Jason 2005), lost his battle with congenital kidney disease on Thursday, August 25, 2011.

He was nine years young. Bento provided endless amounts of laughter and joy in our lives and never met a person, cat, dog or baby that he didn’t instantly love. Only with time will our thoughts that lead to tears eventually end with smiles. Bento certainly taught us a thing or two about life and we hope he knows how much we loved him. We will be making a donation in his name and we hope it can help make the life of another special-needs kitty a little more comfortable.

Megan Husband & Mike Duschak (and sister Miso)


In loving memory of Sugar, who passed away so unexpectedly in 2009. She was the friendliest and most loving kitty anyone could have asked for. Sugar was beautiful inside and out, always there to cheer her people up, with her meow and head bumps. She showed her love for her humans even in her passing, I cried and comforted her as they put her to sleep and she purred in my arms even though in great pain and her last moments. Sugar will always be missed by our family and has touched our hearts forever.

Love your Family,
Lenny, Pam, Lisa, Brittany and your best buddy Echo


On Saturday, August 11, 2007 we drove 12 hours from Tulsa to Kenosha to take a chance on making a connection with a cute little hairless rescue pictured on the SPCR website.  We don’t know whether Kirsten thought we were dedicated cat owners or just plain crazy for driving that far, but take the chance we did and in the end it was worth every mile we drove. When we first saw our Mijo the next day, it was love at first sight and Kirsten allowed Mijo to adopt us. Thank you, Kirsten, for having faith in us when we told you he would have a ‘forever’ home with us, no matter what ‘issues’ he brought with him. After just 2-½ years, our beloved Mijo left us the morning of March 28, 2010. His heart threw a clot that paralyzed his back legs and his lungs were filled with fluid. He gave a good fight, but the hypertrophic cardiomyopathy got the best of him. Three months from diagnosis to death.  Mijo was just five years old when he left us. Sadly missed, lovingly remembered, rest in peace little one … you were ‘the best cat who ever lived’.

Jeanne McCanless

A donation has been made by Jean Walenta.  Jeanne, a dear friend,  had rescued many a cat from any number of

demises. Her last rescue, Fergus, stayed by her side until she passed.

He is now with a new Momma, in very good hands.

Boston Blackie (Bossy)

In loving memory of Boston Blackie (Bossy)

The little black Persian who comforted me and could always make me laugh.  You are Missed.

Len Rogan

A donation has been made to SPCR.

James Madison

In loving of James Madison

A donation has been made to SPCR by Ardith Ann Richter

Jackie Young

In loving memory of Jackie Young.

Jackie was a huge fan of this rescue and the website, and helped us to place several special needs cats in terrific homes . In recent years she adopted two cats from us (Ella pictured with her in this photo, and Hughes a bi-color Persian) She also had a Spynx named Onslow. Jackie was a remarkable woman who is dearly missed and remembered fondly by her friends, family and kitties.

Donations were made to SPCR in Jackie’s honor by:
Grace Graham, Margaret Gruenwald, Susan Dolinar, Pat Schmidt, Joan Korn, and Rosi Soergel

A memorial gift was given to SPCR by Linda Counsell of Oconomowoc, Wi. to help cats in need.

Gizmo Krazka

In loving memory of Gizmo Krazka.

Who departed too soon at the age of 2 years. A memorial donation has been made to SPCR by Lara Krolczyk. Gizmo is very much missed by his family.

Remmy Kroll

Memorial gifts were given to SPCR by Jill Endries, Kirsten Kranz and Cyndi Lou Kranz. Remmy was a very special little man who left us way too soon and is sadly missed by all.

5/7/2006 – 7/27/2010

Memorial gifts were given to SPCR by Susan Wrigley and Kendall Yahr.


In memory of Bella the Ragdoll

A memorial gift was given to SPCR by Marlene Deck to help heal the lives of other cats not as fortunate.



My donation is in memory of Damon (formerly known as Scoozi), rescued from your organization in November 2005 (the day after Thanksgiving).

He was a wonderful cat and I loved him. Everyone loved him, he was the most friendly and vocal cat anyone had ever experienced.

He died from renal failure a couple of months ago.

Thank you for your service and allowing me to have him as my friend for 4 years.

Cathy Muszynski


In loving memory of Meisha.

Meisha brought 16 years of love and joy to Lisa and Mike Queznell. A donation in his memory was made by Lisa’s co-workers to help SPCR’s mission in rehoming cats like Meisha.  He shall be greatly missed.

Cathy Muszynski

Dino Rinaldi

In honor of Dino Rinaldi’s wedding, a donation of $100 has been made to SPCR! Congratulations on your marriage!

~Kathryn & Richard Madison.


Jimmy “the Himmy”

The ‘Muggeroos’ left us way too soon, but his legend will live forever in our hearts and memories.

With love from the families of Michael and Jenn.

Brittany Zimmermann

In remembrance and honor of Brittany Zimmermann.

A generous donation was made by her boyfriend, Jordan Gonnering.  Both Brittany and Jordan were devoted followers and supporters of this website.

Margaret Willes

In remembrance and honor of Margaret Willes.

Seen here with her friend Jody, a rescue kitty – Margaret was a fan of our website and adopted many cats throughout her life. She is remembered fondly by her family and her granddaughter, Meredith Callan, who also adopted a cat from SPCR.