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Project Description


FRANKIE is a lovable, BLUE SOLID TONKINESE. He is neutered, has his claws and is a bit portly at 8.5 pounds. He has dusty green eyes, a thick blue coat and is 3-4 years old.  Let’s be honest here folks. Have you ever driven by a home that was for sale and you shook your head saying, “wow, THAT is a fixer-upper”.  Then, someone buys it and months later, you go by and again, shake your head and say, “WOW, who would have thought it could look SO good”.  So, meet Frankie!  Frankie came to us from a shelter in Indiana with no history.  And, he was a trainwreck–full of fleas, a horrible skin infection and full body, angry, red rash, a rotting mouth, tapeworm, 2 other parasites, several hernias and a horrible upper respiratory.  After being in foster care for many months now, all of those blemishes are fixed up and no longer exist.  He’s had a full dental, hernia repair and all the rest of the care needed to rid him of the parasites, heal his skin and put him back together.  That would make one think he would be a sullen and unresponsive, crabby sort-of-guy. Through it all, the one thing that never once needed fixing is his personality.  This guy is totally high octane.  He is full of exuberance and life!  He LOVES everything and everybody.  I think he hugged everyone at our vet clinic every time he went there.  He pounces on his foster mom’s lap, hugging her every chance he gets.  He plays like a wild man and can’t wait to get into a friendly “wrastling” match with his foster cat roommates.  Sometimes his foster mom can’t believe the noise coming from that foster room as he races back and forth–trilling and batting toys around!  Frankie is listed as special needs because after all was said and done, he has some damaged sinus tissue that cannot be repaired.  He is snuffly all the time, his nose always a bit wet.  That makes him more susceptible to upper respiratory infections and mucous (snotty sneezes). Frankie could care less.  It doesn’t affect him at all and it is not contagious to other cats.  It is currently, easily managed by giving him some antibiotics every 3rd day when it flares.  Frankie would be fine with kids, LOVES cats and probably would be okay with a respectful dog.  Due to his high energy and need to play especially with a buddy, he must to a home that has another playful, high-octane cat.  SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTION FEE $25.  FOSTERED IN OSHKOSH, WI.

Quick Info

  • Color: Blue Solid
  • Breed: Tonkinese
  • Male
  • Age: 3-4 years
  • Has Claws
  • Special Needs
  • Adoption Fee: $25
  • Location: Oshkosh, WI
  • Good with Cats

  • Good with Dogs

  • Good with Kids