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Project Description


DAPHNE is a 7 month old DILUTE TORTI PERSIAN MIX.  Daphne who is still a kitten herself was rescued from a closed down Kuwaiti “pet store” with other Persian and Persian mix cats, all of whom were intact.   She is a loving and affectionate little girl whose kittens are due in just under 10 days.

UPDATE: Daphne has had her kittens.

Sponsored by:

    1. Corina Davis
    2. Holly Danner
    3. Wendy Koktowski – “to a beautiful new beginning”
    4. Peter Campagnolo
    5. Tamara Sender
    6. Carol J Antczak – “Prayers for Daphne to have a safe delivery and beautiful healthy kittens.”
    7. Jackie Campagnolo
    8. Kristine Zierke – “what a sweet looking little one!”

Quick Info

  • Color: Dilute Torti
  • Breed: Persian
  • Age: 7 months
  • Has Claws
  • Location: Janesville, WI.