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Our Group

Our group is composed of wonderful foster volunteers who generously open their homes and hearts to abandoned and abused purebred cats as well as special needs domestics. We have between 25 and 30 foster homes active at any time and can accommodate over 100 cats. We are supported by: Leaders who manage the rescue; Transporters who get cats to us; Hosts who temporarily house cats waiting to get in; and Fans whose love, donations and appreciation keep us going. Everyone works hard to care for and find forever homes for our feline fosters. We exist because of the compassion and love of volunteers, donors and adopters. SPCR is a completely volunteer run organization.

Core Values 

  • We are compassionate and empathetic in our every interaction with people and animals.
  • We act in the best interest of the cats in our care and of the rescue, in that order.
  • We respect our supporters by being fiscally responsible and accountable.
  • We are open and honest in our relationships.
  • We lead by example and with excellence.

Rescue Directors

KIRSTEN KRANZExecutive Director
Kirsten founded SPCR in 1999, managed the rescue as Director for 17 years before becoming the Executive Director in 2017. She currently oversees finances, shares knowledge and experience, and, of course, continues to foster.
KAY PERRYTechnology Director
Kay directs focused application of technology within the rescue, including maintaining the website and management of all data operations. Someone needs to know where all the cats are in the 30+ foster homes.

Behind every great person, there is a great cat.