Project Description


TEKHA is a gorgeous TORTOISESHELL PERSIAN who came to SPCR from Egypt. She has deep amber eyes and a wonderfully speckled coat of black, caramel and just a dusting of white accents that will puff out over time. Tekha has her claws and is fully vetted including spay. She is a petite three year old girl who gets along well with others given slow introductions. She enjoys calm quiet human company and will come to you and quietly “chat” with you in a sweet meow that is uniquely her own. She enjoys being brushed and does have several areas on her back side that have been shaved due to matting but has such a beautiful coat it will fill and make her even more gorgeous!  Tekha is 100% with her litter box and is not a picky eater. In her free time she lounges in spots where she can watch without being underfoot and enjoys being pet as you pass her. Tekha would do best in a calm quiet adult home where she can blossom on her own schedule. ADOPTION FEE $350. FOSTERED IN BELOIT, WI

Quick Info

  • Color: Tortoiseshell
  • Breed: Persian
  • Age: 3 years
  • Female
  • Has Claws
  • Adoption Fee: $350
  • Location: Beloit, WI
  • Good with Cats

  • Good with Dogs

  • No Kids