Project Description


SKY is a very handsome 23 month old BRITISH SHORT HAIR AND PERSIAN MIX who came to SPCR from Kuwait. He has beautiful green eyes and a wonderfully soft and dense coat that will puff out over time. Sky has his claws and is fully vetted including neuter. He is wonderfully healthy and ready to meet people. His litter box manners are great and he uses it 100%. He is a no trouble gentleman who loves snuggles, brushing, sunny windows and friendly people. He however is not good with other cats and needs to be in a home where he can be his persons center of attention. He is very friendly, sweet, talkative and loves to be around his humans and will ask for cuddles.

Prior to coming to America Sky developed an allergy to turkey and broke open his skin in several places. In an effort to help him heal quickly he was given a short haircut which is now growing back nicely. We think this short hair version of Sky really shows his beautiful British Short Hair body structure. As his hair grows back out the handsome Persian side of him will be remarkable.

We believe Sky is deaf, however his inability or reduced ability to hear does not hinder him one bit. While Sky has an allergy to turkey, he loves all other kinds of food both wet and dry.

If you choose SKY he will be part of your life; help in the kitchen, follow you around, share the TV, or be your office kitty. ADOPTION FEE $200. FOSTERED IN BELOIT, WI

Quick Info

  • Color: White
  • Breed: British Shorthair and Persian Mix
  • Age: 23 months
  • Male
  • Has Claws
  • Adoption Fee: $200
  • Location: Beloit, WI
  • No Other Cats