Project Description


SADIE is a beautiful, 2 year old Classic Tabby colored MAINE COON MIX, with big, gorgeous, gold eyes. She weighs 9.5 lbs, is spayed, current on vaccinations, micro-chipped, and has her claws.  Her, oh so soft, fur is in shades of caramel and chocolate, and her tail is fluffy and full. She will need to be combed weekly to keep her coat from matting.

Being the Maine Coon that she is, she loves to carry on a conversation with you in meows and trills and she likes to hang out with her people. At night when you go to bed, she’ll come and lay on your stomach or side for some pets and scritches, and then she’ll go to sleep on the end of the bed, or on a cat tree close by. She loves to hold your hand by putting her paw on your hand and softly holding it there.  She will even lick your fingers-it’s so very sweet and endearing!

Sadie is not overly active, but does likes to hang out by the window during the day and watch the birds and squirrels. Later in the day she play with her yeoww banana, chase the turbo ball toy, bat at the butterfly toy, or play with wand toys.

She is not particularly fond of other cats, so she would be an excellent only cat. We don’t have a dog, so unsure on that. Sadie would be okay with respectful kids. ADOPTION FEE $125.00  FOSTERED IN CAMPBELLSPORT, WI

Quick Info

  • Color: Tabby
  • Breed: Maine Coon Mix
  • Age: 2 years
  • Female
  • Has Claws
  • Adoption Fee: $125
  • Location: Campbellsport, WI
  • Good with Kids

  • No Other Cats