Project Description


Hello Peoples- MORTIMER here.  I’m a 4 year old 8 lb. PERSIAN BROWN TABBY, with a white bib and white spots on my paws.  I have a cottony coat, like to be brushed, but Foster Mom recommends keeping it clipped.  She brushes me every day, and my undercarriage gets knotted anyway.   I have gold eyes and need to have my face washed daily, I am really good with it. I have all my claws too.

I came into rescue in April of 2018 with my roommate, Milton. We came from a home that had too many cats in Indiana and was having a hard time keeping up with all our needs.   That little twerp Milton went home a few weeks ago, and now Foster Mom says it’s my turn.  YIPPEEEEE!!

Both Milton and I had terrible tummy and digestion trouble that took a really long time to figure out.  The vet called me a ‘frequent flyer” with all the times I came in trying to figure out why my belly was sad and sore.   During one of these trips, they detected a heart murmur.  While there isn’t anything that can be done procedurally to fix a murmur, my new home will need to be careful whenever I need to have any procedures done that would put me under anesthesia. During that same visit the Doc said I had gingivitis and should have a dental.    That was done in September of last year and a few bad teeth were removed. (I had pre-bloodwork done and had no trouble with the anesthesia at that time).   I am prone to gingivitis and will require one dental per year to keep my mouth, teeth, and gums healthy, prevent reabsorption, and not have a painful mouth.   During my latest check up at the vet, they couldn’t detect any heart murmur.  The vet said sometimes factors like anemia can contribute to murmurs.  Looking back at my records, at the time they found the murmur my tummy, digestion, and bowels were pretty bad.   Now that my food is correct, no more trouble, and no murmur!

I need at least one friend that will play and romp with me.  I will sing the song of my people when I’m locked out of any space I think I should have access to, or some other kitty is getting more attention that I am.  Since that Milton dude went home, I convinced (read: whined, cried, and shoved my paws under the door patting anything that passed by) Foster Mom to let me out of the foster room to hang with her kitties.  I marched right up to them, stuck my nose in their business and sniffed like a total weirdo.  At that time I was informed with a few paw slaps and growls that maybe I should have started on the other end.  Learning boundaries is hard, and I do not play or behave aggressively with other cats, but gosh do I love to give a good sniffin’.

Foster Mom thinks I’m desperate to have kitty friends and playmates.  I never hiss, growl or smack when I ignore social cues or boundaries and get a paw to the face.  And full disclosure- I am an equal opportunity sniffer. My nose is always in Foster Mom’s hair, face, ears, mouth, and toes too.  I also nibble on fingers or toes, if you will let me.  Not too hard, but it could be scary for small children that don’t realize this kind of kitty play.  When my furrends won’t play with me, my fallback is da’ bird or a cat dancer.   Once I catch it, I like to drag it around and leave it under the bed, or in a closet.  BEST TOYS EVER!   Foster Mom says when I romp that I am a graceless water buffalo.  I think that means I make a lot of noise playing and running.   When I get tired of the zoomies, I crawl into her lap and begin to make the dozens and dozens of biscuits.

I’m excited to find my new home with fur friends.  If you think you might be my match please submit your application.  ADOPTION FEE $300. FOSTERED IN GOLDEN VALLEY, MN

Quick Info

  • Color: Brown Tabby
  • Breed: Persian
  • Age: 4 years
  • Male
  • Has Claws
  • Adoption Fee: $300
  • Location: Golden Valley, MN
  • Good with Cats

  • Good with Kids