Project Description


MACADAMIA is a 4-5 month old, cream LYNX POINT SIAMESE, female kitten with beautiful blue eyes.  She came to SPCR all alone from a shelter at about 8 weeks old, and quickly made herself at home with her foster family.  Macadamia is up to date on her vaccinations, spayed, and has all her claws.

She is a friendly, lovable and playful kitten and seems to love all toys – wand toys, balls, and stuffed mice.  Macadamia will come to see you when you enter a room, asking for pets (especially head scratches) and will frequently come and check on you to see what you’re up to (yes, she does make it difficult to empty the litter box!).  She loves playing with her foster siblings, so it would be great for her to have another cat to play with in her new home.  Macadamia has not been exposed to dogs or small children, but she’s very adaptable and would likely do well, with proper introductions and respectful dogs and small children.

Macadamia has been a joy to foster and will bring a smile to your face with her silly kitten antics and very loud purr!