Project Description

Jasmine & Aurora

Jasmine (bottom) and Aurora (top) are stunning pedigreed three-year-old bonded female Ragdoll litter mates. They are front-paw declawed, spayed and weigh around nine pounds each. Wow. What can we say except that these girls are exceptional in every way. Jasmine Rose is a tortie point with sweet pink nose leather, a gorgeous orange blaze splashed across her face, and eyes as clear and blue as the sky on a bright spring day. Aurora Anne is a mitted seal point with crystal blue eyes, dark chocolate nose leather and a mix of sweet chocolate and pink toe beans. These girls wear bunny soft coats and have personalities mirroring the hallmark of their breed. Super affectionate, gentle and playful, these girls were loved and well cared for, but were surrendered due to a family member’s allergies. They have adjusted very well in foster care, running to meet any foster room visitors, then displaying the typical stop-drop-and-flop charm you’d expect of Ragdolls. Their long coats need to be brushed, but that’s just fine because they love grooming and any form of attention, rolling over for belly rubs and brushing. Since they’ve always been together and are bonded, we’d like to see them stay together. They’d do fine in most any household – they’re rooming alone together right now, but with proper introductions, we think they’d get along with other fur buds including a gentle dog. Older, respectful children who would play laser and wand toys with them would be great. The sisters are here now, waiting for your call. ADOPTION FEE $650 for the pair.  Fostered in Peoria, IL.

Quick Info

  • Color: Torti Point, Mitted Seal Point
  • Breed: Ragdoll
  • Age: 3 years
  • Female
  • Front Declawed
  • Adoption Fee: $650
  • Location: Peoria, IL
  • Good with Cats

  • Good with Dogs

  • Good with Kids