Project Description

Floyd and Odie

FLOYD and ODIE are sweet two-year-old roommates who have lived together since they were born. Floyd is a 12-pound bi-color mitted blue and white PERSIAN. He is neutered and has his claws. Odie is a nine-pound seal bicolor EXOTIC SHORTHAIR. He is also neutered and has his claws. Oh, but what nice boys! These two have always lived together but are not bonded, so they don’t have to go together. But if you’re looking for a pair of sweethearts who get along great and can keep each other company … well, here you go! This duo was surrendered due to health issues by someone who loved them very much and took excellent care of them. They have been shown in competitive cat shows as household pets and have a multitude of ribbons as proof of just how exquisite they are.

Floyd has a massive, flowing coat that reaches the floor, making his legs look rather short. Have you ever seen a cuter mustache?! We have seen a lot of Persians in our day and we can’t think of one with a face any cuter than Floyd’s. (Including our own cats – but we’ll deny we ever said this.) Floyd’s white bib and matching socks are, well, just icing on the cake. He’s a bit of a shy boy, but once he warms up, Floyd is super friendly and loves to be petted. He’s relatively good with combing, which is a good thing because his new family will need to commit to keeping him combed and mat free. We will need a strong commitment to regular grooming when choosing a family for this boy.

Odie must be a long-lost cousin of Grumpy Cat – no? He is one of the sweetest boys around with an easy-care Zot coat and beautifully clear turquoise eyes that don’t drain at all. Odie is also a little on the shy side, but like Floyd has warmed up nicely in foster care and is ready to meet his new family.

The boys are GREAT with scratching posts and have been exposed to other cats during their stay in their foster home and have adapted beautifully. They would each do well in a home with other fur buds including a gentle dog (we are told they lived with dogs in their previous home) who would ignore them. Older, respectful kids would be purrrfect! We just can’t emphasize enough how nice these boys are. If you’re looking to add a gentle, easy-to-get-along-with feline or two to your house, you’re in luck! ADOPTION FEE $350 each or $650 for the pair. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL. 

Quick Info

  • Color: Bi-Color Mitted Blue and White, Seal Bi-Color
  • Breed: Persian, Exotic Shorthair
  • Age: 2 years
  • Male
  • Has Claws
  • Adoption Fee: $650
  • Location: Peoria, IL
  • Good with Cats

  • Good with Dogs

  • Good with Kids