Project Description

Delilah and Dickens

DELILAH and DICKENS are amazing wedge head SIAMESE. Littermates, they are 6 ½ years old, spayed/neutered and front-paw declawed. Delilah is a BLUE POINT beauty with crystal blue almond eyes, and a gorgeous silky steel coat. She weighs nine pounds. Dickens is a traditional SEAL POINT with vivid blue eyes, velvety sable coat and a fine long nose. He weighs 12 pounds. Honestly, have you seen sweeter faces? We don’t know why this pair ended up at a shelter in Indiana, but our guess is that their owners must have become unable to care for them. We can’t imagine any other reason these two would be given up. Why? They are simply the sweetest, smartest, goofiest, most wonderful pair of cats you can imagine. Typical Siamese, they LOVE their humans and human interaction. These two simply cannot get enough attention. When their foster family comes in the room, they are all abuzz with excitement – let the petting and antics begin! Stop, drop and roll for a tummy rub is a favorite game. They love toys, wands, roller balls, little mice. Anything is a toy. Living up to their breed reputation, they are moderately talkative. Delilah is more dominant, with Dickens being just a bit shy when meeting someone new. But it doesn’t take him long to warm up, and this boy is easily won over by head scratches and belly rubs. These two could probably get along with another laid-back fur bud, but they’d likely prefer to be the only two cats in the household. Same with a dog who would ignore them – they’d likely adjust with slow and proper introductions. They’re asking for a family that likes very active, talkative cats who demand a lot of attention. Couch potatoes? Not these two. They will entertain you for hours with acrobatics, clownish antics and general fun-loving ways. Older, respectful kids would be fine. They are family to each other and since they’ve always been together, we’d like them to stay together. Are you ready to welcome this pair into your home? ADOPTION FEE FOR THE PAIR $350. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.

Quick Info

  • Color: Blue Point, Seal Point
  • Breed: Siamese
  • Age: 6 years
  • Female, Male
  • Front Declawed
  • Adoption Fee: $350
  • Location: Peoria, IL
  • Good with Dogs

  • Good with Older Kids