Project Description


CLARICE is a gorgeous BROWN and BLACK SPOTTED BENGAL with golden green eyes. She is just over a year old, spayed, has all her claws and weighs about 10 lbs.

Clarice came to SPCR from a loving home with her male littermate and was surrendered because of difficulties with the resident cat in the household. She is your “typical” Bengal who is very active, talkative and playful with a big, big personality. She is a bossy little girl with other cats but is respectful with respectful dogs. As a result, she would do best as an only cat or in a home with a large dog that she wouldn’t bully around. Clarice LOVES to play and wand toys seem to be her favorite. She will chase “da bird” until she’s panting and wore out, but when you move to put it away, she will start all over again. Clarice is athletic and likes to jump – at toys, windows, bugs and the onto the kitchen counters. Her foster family is working to train her to stay off the counters, but that work will need to continue in her forever home. She’s very curious, likes to explore and when she’s done, she just might open a dresser drawer and take a nap.

Clarice has not been exposed to children but she’s been super friendly with everyone she meets, so respectful children would probably be fine. Clarice likes her humans and wants to be in the same room with them, often coming over to you for pets and to make sure you’re still there. Clarice is looking for the right family as an only cat that will allow her to be the talkative, lovable, interactive cat that she is.