Project Description


BUCKEYE (aka Buck) is a 4-5 month old, SEAL POINT SIAMESE, male kitten.  He came to SPCR all alone from a shelter at about 8 weeks old, and quickly made himself at home with his foster family.  Buck is up to date on his vaccinations, neutered, and has all his claws.

From the first day in foster care, Buck made it known that he LOVES people, showering his foster parents with kisses, snuggling on their laps for naps and playing catch with ball toys.  He is what is foster parents would call “invincible” as Buck would do well in any home.  He does great with other cats, is hesitant but curious about dogs (he met one a couple times) and is such a lovable nut that he would do well with young children.  Buck likes playing with wand toys, other cats, balls and anything that is in the shape of a ball.  He will also come when called and runs down the hall to greet people when they enter the house.

Buck has been a joy to foster and will bring a smile to your fac