Project Description


ANU is an extraordinary and rare SINGAPURA. She is 5 years old, spayed and 4 paw declawed. This gorgeous little lady weighs in at barely 6 pounds and has a silvery ticked coat and enormous green eyes. She has been very well cared for and came to rescue due to her owner’s illness. Anu is only the second Singapura we have ever had in rescue in 20 years and it is safe to say this breed is one of the rarest. She reminds her foster mom of Burmese in many ways due to her sensitive, very intense personality and her commentary about everything (see her video below). Anu took the separation from her person very hard and was despondent for quite a while. However as you can see by her video she has decided that her foster person is really pretty nice and her real, sweet personality is emerging again.  Anu is active, affectionate, intelligent and needs a lot of attention and cuddling. She is fine with other cats that will not bully or get in her face. A stable, adult home will be preferred (she has never been around kids or dogs and would probably be overwhelmed by them) as will those who have experience with Burmese, Abyssinians or Orientals.  We expect there is going to be a LOT of interest in this rare treasure so we will be looking for just the right home.  For more information on this fascinating breed, please see Adoption Fee $450. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.

Quick Info

  • Color: Silver Ticked Tabby
  • Breed: Singapura
  • Age: 5 year
  • Female
  • Four Paw Declawed
  • Adoption Fee: $450
  • Location: Kenosha, WI
  • Good with Cats

  • No Dogs

  • No Kids