Project Description


Amery is a special little 4 month old, SEAL POINT SIAMESE. He is neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and has his claws. He, unfortunately, has not had a good start in life. When 4 was weeks old, he had been hit by a car and found in a ditch by a good samaritan who called SPCR to help. He had a broken shoulder and at this age, he was too young to have surgery. It has mended on it’s own, and he has use of the leg, but he does have a limp when he walks. He has no problem at all with jumping, running, climbing, but there is a worry he may have arthritis when he gets older.  To  keep it at bay, he needs to get Dasuquin sprinkled on his food every day (Dasuquin is a joint health supplement). He will need someone to monitor his joint health for his entire life. He is a VERY loving little man, but he is very skittish of new people and situations. If you want a cat to greet people that come to your home, this is not the cat for you. He does not like being picked up, but he loves petting, and he will walk over and climb on your lap. If you are his chosen person, he LOVES lapsitting! He will sit there for as long as you let him. And while he is sitting there, he will look up adoringly into your eyes, climb up on your chest with his front paws to get closer to your face, and give you kitty kisses and nibbles on your hand. He likes to play with little fuzzy balls, wand toys, and wrestling. He loves to be combed, sleep on your bed at night and being up high in a cat tree with a heating pad on cold days.
He also has a habit his foster mom has never seen before. He CUPS his right front paw to drink water. He never drinks directly from the bowl.  If you like the Siamese breed, he is a great example of one. He’s curious and loving, active and playful, likes to be involved in everything, but he is also skittish, and he is not a talker, as Siamese often are. Kids and dogs would be too much for him. A quiet, Siamese savy home, who will be attuned to his future joint health is a must. Also, being a kitten, he will need a friend to hang around with. So the adopter will need to have a resident kitten or younger cat already in the home, or adopt one that is on our adoption site. ADOPTION FEE $200.  FOSTERED IN CAMPBELLSPORT, WI.

Quick Info

  • Color: Seal Point
  • Breed: Siamese
  • Age: 4 months
  • Male
  • Has Claws
  • Special Needs
  • Adoption Fee: $200<