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Project Description


Musk, a male Scottish Fold, was found by a rescue person on the streets of Kuwait with major trauma to his full left side. His tail had substantial lacerations, he back left leg was severely damaged, his left eye in trouble and his left upper canine broken off (and he has a major scar on the top of his head). He was thin and in desperate need of care. A vet in Kuwait worked with the rescuer to stabilize him for immediate flight and now he is in a warm and comfortable bed, feeding his belly satisfying a ravenous appetite and this morning was in the kind and gentle hands of Dr. Becky Bosetski at Animal Hospital of Oshkosh, less than 12 hours after we arrived “home” for a full exam and evaluation.

Here is what we know. On April 10, one of our skilled surgeons (Dr. Diane Grede, owner of Animal Hospital who makes our partnership possible with her generosity) will amputate the leg, neuter him, evaluate the eye and possibly remove it. The eye IS ruptured and not viable at all. However, it has sunken in on itself and may be no worse remaining, than if removed. She will x-ray the canine to see if it is “quiet” or should be removed immediately. She will take a look at his “good” eye which may be entropion and fix that if needed. (Entropion is when the lid curls inside itself and the lashes rub against the eye’s surface causing extreme pain, blurred vision and possible ulceration. We “think” it is okay but it will be verified when he is sedated.) His tail will heal well on its own.

Today he tested negative for FELV/FIV and was gentle while being examined. Musk is just one year old.

UPDATE 4/10 – Musk’s big day with the vet took a bit of detour this A.M. His bloodwork was pretty funky and among other things, he was very anemic–so anemic that even a smidge worse would have required a transfusion. So, amputation was put on hold. However, we were able to get a few things done to get him in a better place. He has several antibiotics and pain meds on board now as well as receiving a stimulant to encourage red blood cell production and maturation. The wrap was removed from his broken leg and it was x-rayed. His tooth was x-rayed and it does not have to be removed. The ruptured eye was examined more closely and may just be closed up and not removed. Fingers crossed on that! His bad leg was cleaned up, given an opportunity to breathe and splinted with a form splint versus the 2 popsicle sticks we found inside the original wrap. And, he was neutered. He is spending the night at the clinic to take advantage of the IV fluids and the drip antibiotics. He is SUCH a good boy. We hope to have better blood values and do the amputation in a couple of weeks.

Sponsored by:

  1. Pamela Klemp – ‘Get better soon my sweet little furbaby’
  2. Paula Haberman
  3. Ellen Tully
  4. Karen Ravens – ‘I hope to see him come to the US.’
  5. Kathleen Grier – ‘Hope he can get here soon’
  6. Tracy Sassetti
  7. BlackDazey Sales
  8. Sandra Miller – ‘I hope MUSK gets the help he needs!’
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  19. Elizabeth Vickers – ‘Feel better Musk!’
  20. Eva Allsopp
  21. Carol Nyman – ‘hopefully he can get to the US.’

Quick Info

  • Color: Blue
  • Breed: Scottish Fold
  • Male
  • Location: Oshkosh, WI