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Project Description


Hadley is a charming CHOCOLATE POINT HIMALAYAN. She is approximately 4-5 years old, weighs about 9 pounds, spayed and has her claws. She has a dense, cottony coat, amazingly fluffy toes, and a darling expression. Hadley’s story before arriving to SPCR was not a happy one. She arrived into rescue as the result of an abuse/neglect confiscation case – her previous owner refused to seek treatment for an obviously injured leg. SPCR got her to a vet immediately, but was unable to save her leg, as it had been broken in two places. Hadley is now a card-carrying member of the “tripaw” club, and it just adds to her uniqueness!

Hadley has really blossomed in rescue, though it did take her some time to adjust emotionally to her amputation. She enjoys receiving pets and getting brushed, and purrs up a storm during both activities. Hadley gives head bumps and kisses, and can be engaged in light playtime with a wand as well. She has a bit of a diva side and likes things to be done on her terms – after all she’s been through, we think she’s earned that right!

Hadley will need a quiet, cat-experienced home where she can take the time she needs to settle in and adjust, ideally one that is familiar with tripaw kitties or is eager to learn about their care. She would do best as an only kitty, and active dogs/children would be too much for her. At least initially, it would be best for her to stay on a single level with carpeted surfaces and easy access to low-sided litterboxes. She is still building her strength, and her physical environment needs to be as accommodating as possible as she does so. Lastly, her coat requires regular brushing to prevent matting, but fortunately she is quite fond of being brushed!

Hadley had a rough start to life, but has progressed so wonderfully while in rescue. She has a ton of love to give and is so deserving of a great forever home after all she has been through. Its been so rewarding to watch her regain her faith in people – she is a special little girl who will inevitably make her new person very happy. Special Needs Adoption Fee $75. FOSTERED IN CHICAGO, IL.

Watch Hadley play:

Watch Hadley being brushed:

Quick Info

  • Color: Chocolate Point
  • Breed: Himalayan
  • Age: 4-5 years
  • Female
  • Has claws
  • Special Needs
  • Adoption Fee: $75
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • No Other Cats

  • No Dogs

  • No Kids